Whale And Dolphin Watching report Newport Beach 3/7/2019

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1 trip – 11 gray whales, 30 coastal bottlenose dolphins

Sunset Minke Whales

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We covered a lot of water this weekend, eliminating where not to go and focusing our efforts in smaller more promising patches of water. A few areas have been showing more life in direct relation to time of day. Pods of 200-300 common dolphins kept everyone excited. Add a bunch of shearwaters to the mix and keep your eyes scanning the trailing periphery of the dolphins – this was the condition patterned behind our latest 3 minke whale sightings. Thank you to all that joined East Meets West Excursions this weekend, great groups, and great cetaceans! Happy 2 year anniversary to Derek and Katrina!

Exciting, Action filled Weekend!

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