Humpback whales return!

Humpback whales return!

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What a variety of sightings we have been enjoying this summer – blue whales, humpback whales, minke whales, fin whales, and brydes whales – short beaked common dolphins, long beaked common dolphins, offshore bottlenose dolphins (including the world famous Patches), and even risso’s dolphins.

Big news this week has been the return of numerous humpback whales to our waters off Newport Beach. Tons of anchovies for these whales to feed on. We are hoping these whales stick around for some epic late summer through Fall action with the humpbacks!

Dolphins have been incredible with some of the most amazing pods (some with over 1000 individuals) of both long and short beaked common dolphins. Acrobatic pods of offshore bottlenose dolphins have been a consistent encounter as well.

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