Whales turn Gray to Blue!

Whales turn Gray to Blue!

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Our blue whale season aboard East Meets West Excursions is officially underway and off to an early start. Large concentrations of krill has brought numerous blue whales into our area off Newport Beach. Blue whales are the largest creature ever to exist! They can grow over 100’ long and weigh 150 tons! The key element for lots of blue whales is krill. They exclusively feed on this small shrimp like crustacean. It has been a great week of blue whale sightings and we are hoping the volume of krill increases as more blue whales move in. We have also seen the occasional fin whale and gray whale but our focus has been on these giant blue whales.

Photo of fin whale with our boat in the background credited to Craig DeWitt of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin Safari, thank you Craig!

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