Whale Watching Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a better time of day for dolphin and whale sightings?

No, there is not a better time of day to see the whales. Dolphins and whales must surface to breathe at all times. There is not a better timed trip throughout the day where we see more dolphins and whales.

Are we guaranteed to see whales or dolphins?

Yes, our success in finding whales and/or dolphins on each trip is close to 100%. If you do not see whales and/or dolphins on your trip, your next trip will be on us. This we guarantee!

Can I go whale watching if I am pregnant?

Yes, with the exception of those in their third trimester. Being on a boat on the water can not induce labor. Pregnant women in their first and second trimesters are welcome aboard East Meets West Excursions. We do recommend consulting your physician prior to booking.

Are children under 5 years of age allowed on your whale watching tours?

Yes, absolutely children less than 5 years of age are allowed on our tours. We do not have an age minimum at East Meets West Excursions. We have never felt a need to set an age minimum. From infants to seniors, all are welcome. We supply 3 different sized life preservers to ensure proper fitting and overall comfort for your little loved ones.

When is Whale Watching season?

All year long! We have opportunities to see whales and dolphins year round in Southern California. Humpback whales, fin whales, and minke whales reside here throughout the entirety of the year. Gray whales and blue whales have seasons. Traditionally, gray whales are seen regularly in the waters off Orange County from November through May, and blue whales are seen from May until November .

Will I get sea sick on a smaller boat?

Quite the contrary. We have very few people out of 800+ trips per year get sea sick. The boat is always moving, making way. It is when a boat stops and drifts in the trough that triggers motion sickness.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

We have limited wheelchair accessibility. The person must be able to be out of the wheelchair and take a couple of steps with assistance from the crew. The person must also be able to sit comfortably in our seats on the boat without the wheelchair aboard.

How far out do you go to see the whales?

Each trip is different. Unfortunately, the whales do not stay in the same place. Most of our trips are 2-8 miles from Newport Harbor. It is a HUGE advantage being on a smaller, faster boat because we have 3x the range of the larger whale watching boats. This equates into having much better chances at seeing whales and being able to spend more time with them.

Is it paid parking where you are located in Newport Beach?

No, all available parking is free residential street parking. We suggest parking on either Topaz or Opal streets for closeness to the dock.

How should I dress to go whale watching?

We always suggest you bring an extra jacket or sweatshirt with you just in case. It is much easier to take a layer off if too warm.

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