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Angela M., Fourth Ward, Houston, TX – 12/4/2017 via Yelp

I’ve left a number of 5 star reviews, but this is the one I’m most excited to leave. Nick was fabulous and we have an amazing time. I took my parents on a post-Thanksgiving day afternoon trip, and it couldn’t have been better weather. Nick greeted us, quickly got us on the boat, and let us know we could chase after two humpbacks further out in the water. We told him we would do whatever plan he thought best.

From there, it was magical. On our way out, we saw a pow of white striped (name is probably wrong) dolphins, and they were so beautiful. Then, we saw 2 humpbacks. Then, on the way back with the sunset, we were lucky enough to catch a pod of nursing dolphins (babies and moms) as the sun set. See pictures! Nick was kind enough to let us have extra time watching the sunset, too!

Highly recommend. Amazing guide, boat, and sightings! I’ll definitely be bringing more friends and family down there.

Jordan J., Manhattan, 12/4/2017 via Yelp

We had an amazing morning on the water! Even though we didn’t see any whales, we had such a beautiful time cruising out to sea to enjoy the air and marine life.

Booking and getting to the boat was an easy and straightforward process. There’s a Yelp code you can use to get a little discount too. For parking, we followed the instructions and had no problems finding a spot close by. At the dock, Captain Nick greeted everyone upon arrival and we were able to set sail on time.

Once you get onto the open water you start going fast. Make sure to bring a thick jacket or something that’s windproof as it does get cold and you never know how the weather might change. At the furthest point we went, there was a pretty heavy fog that only made its way to land hours later.

The boat is small, sturdy, and charming. Plus it was super clean. There are two seats in the front and 4 in the back, but everyone can go onto the bow when you stop to look at marine life so it doesn’t matter too much where you sit.

We saw multiple pods of dolphins and quite a few sea lions during our excursion. At one point we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins and it was really quite an amazing experience! It seemed like no one saw whales that morning so the while chances of seeing a whale seems good when you read the reviews, it really just comes down to the day. No matter, we had a really great time and highly recommend this experience for people who want to do something a little different!

Marielyn O., Los Angeles, CA – 12/21/2017 via Yelp

You cannot go wrong with booking excursions with this company. Captain Nick was awesome from booking to the end of the excursion. We had to reschedule for a later time in the day, and he was able to accommodate. We brought our 5-year old grandson, Cruz, for his first whale sighting. Captain Nick made him comfortable and had Cruz engaging in conversation and laughter. Captain Nick made sure that everyone aboard got their money’s worth. We saw two humpback whales, and several pods of little dolphins.

We will definitely be going back before the season is over. Thanks for a great and memorable time, Captain Nick! We’ll see you in 2018!

The Loober’s and Captain Cruz .

Pam B., West Sacramento, CA – 12/10/2017 via Yelp

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience on this trip. We were lucky enough to see hundreds of dolphins and at least 4 humpback whales, one of which even came quite close to the boat! We had an afternoon trip which allowed to see the sunset while we were out on our trip and check out Christmas lights on our way back in. As amazing as this all was, the kindness and enthusiasm of Captain Nick was beyond. He seemed genuinely as excited as we were when spotting the whales and he was so sweet with my daughters, including them in everything he said and calling them by name. He even let them play with his phone to change the color on the boat lights on our trip back! He followed up with me via email after the trip and included some fantastic photos of our trip. Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for a great experience and lifelong memory!

Alyssa M., Huntington Beach, CA – 12/10/2017 via Yelp

INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! I cannot even begin to explain how great this was without saying that this was the coolest whale watching excursion I have ever done. Captain Nick was awesome from start to finish. He was able to locate a beautiful, 80ft Blue Whale that we hung out with the entire time in its natural environment. Not only were we able to admire this gorgeous whale and the phenomenal show it put on for us but WE ALSO SAW IT FLUKE 6 TIMES!! Our jaws were literally dropping the entire time. Captain Nick had us so close yet a respectful distance away from the whale that we were able to really see just how huge and magnificent this whale is. On top of that, we saw an amazing show of bottlenose dolphins as they were feeding (we even saw baby dolphins!) and on the way back to the dock we saw the cutest sea lions hanging out.

I booked a private charter for 4 on a Friday at 3pm (just yesterday). First off, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. Don’t waste your time and money on a huge boat with 120+ people all crammed together like sardines. Captain Nick knows these waters, he knows how to track the Krill which is where you will find the whales and most importantly he can give you the most intimate experience with the whales. We had the boat entirely to ourselves and we even had the whale to ourselves. No random person’s head in my way, no kids blocking my path. Only the water was in-between the whale and myself!

Keep in mind, these are wild animals and you won’t always get as lucky. BUT I am thrilled that we were lucky enough to see such a sight with a friendly whale. Captain Nick was able to utilize his tools and strategies to find us a whale and sure enough, he did it. Captain Nick was extremely nice and made sure that we were all having a great time. What was really cool of him was that he made sure that we were able to see all angles of the whale. Myself being an amateur photographer, this was the best thing ever. I have the photos to prove it!

I highly recommend booking with East Meets West Excursions. Seeing the boats with 120+ people on them made me feel really good about my decision. They literally looked like a can of sardines!! Not only that but with the size of the larger boats, you can’t get as close to the whales. Not to mention the tight schedule they are on, I saw them hang around the whale for 10 minutes and then take off. With Captain Nick, you will be with that whale the entire time!!

I suggest to book directly with Captain Nick either on the website or by calling the phone number. He made it extremely easy to reserve our time. The confirmation email lists the address as well as helpful tips for the trip and getting to the trip. We had no issue finding his dock. HIGHLY SUGGEST the private charter or even taking open seats on any others. The maximum capacity is 6 people, so no matter what you choose it will be awesome.

Keep an open mind, don’t come with expectations. These are wild animals. Who knows, maybe your good vibes will call out to the beautiful animals!

Thank you Captain Nick, this was an experience of a lifetime!

Norman S., Fourth Ward, Hodges, AL – 12/7/2017 via Yelp

Myself and my partner spent 2 weeks whale watching between Monterey Bay and San Diego. Our morning trip with Captain Nick was excellent. Our bonus was being the only 2 customers on the boat and we had the undivided attention of Nick with his knowledge of the local waters and the marine life that lives there. We were lucky and saw a Minke whale and hundreds of dolphins – don´t forget that nature does not keep a timetable and there will be times when you will be unlucky with no sightings. But that is all part of the fun!!
Very easy to book online, very easy to find the boat and a very, very good trip with a true professional – thoroughly recommended!!!

Srishti N., Chicago, IL – 12/27/2017 via Yelp

Amazing experience! Go for it! Capt. Nick makes sure you get the experience you want and the dolphin and whale sighting is delightful.

Mandy S., Santa Clarita, CA – 10/24/2017 via Yelp

This was SUCH an amazing adventure! I agree completely with all the other amazing reviews here. Everything was easy, boat was super clean and nice, and Captain Nick was a fantastic tour guide and captain. We didn’t see any whales, but the dolphins and sea lions were incredible!

I hadn’t ever been on a boat in the ocean before, so I did end up throwing up… 8 times… lol but it was all so amazing that I still had the best time. Highly recommended, will probably do again sometime (after taking Dramamine).

L D., La Crescenta, La Crescenta, CA – 12/10/2017 via Yelp

Had a great experience today with Captain Nick. He was great, wonderful with my kids and we saw at least 7 humpback whales and countless dolphins. I recommend this over those big boats. Thanks again Captain Nick for a great memory for my family!.

Jade M. Encino, CA – 09/20/2016 via Yelp

We had a great time with Nick! Saw pods and pods of dolphins and 2 hump back whales.

We liked the smaller boat feel as it was more intimate (6 people) experience than the larger vessels.

Nick gave us the scoop on everything we were seeing and was caring when he saw me turn a bit green (take Dramamine!) while the waves caused a bit of motion sickness. Lol.

Definitely recommend his services!

Photo of East Meets West Excursions - Whale Watching! - Newport Beach, CA, United States

Derek B. – Solana Beach, CA – 12/5/2016 via Yelp

Absolutely the best option if you are looking to go Whale/Dolphin watching.  Captain Nick is the man!  He is super knowledgeable and really makes the time out on the water enjoyable.  My girlfriend and I have been 2 times now and we will definitely be going a lot more!  Perfect option for family’s looking to have a more intimate experience.  I really recommend doing the sunset excursion. Seeing the sunset from the water is magical!

Photo of East Meets West Excursions - Whale Watching! - Newport Beach, CA, United States

Carrie V. Fullerton, CA – 8/13/2016 via Yelp

I have never been whale watching, because in all honesty getting on a big boat crowded with people pushing and shoving to get a spot doesn’t peak my interest, so I’ve put off the idea until I came across East Meets West Excursion. A smaller boat that offers a more exclusive tour than all the others, not to mention the speed and comfort this type of boat provides. we went out at 9am and left those big tour boats in the dust as Captain Nick searched for Whales and Dolphins.

I was continually amazed at his skills for spotting all this sea life in such a large ocean!  He has an eye for spotting life in such a vast ocean- from hundreds of dolphins putting on a show, feeding with birds and sea lions, and the knowledge that those surroundings are where we would spot humpback whales!! I can’t believe what all we saw, truly amazing!

I highly recommend this tour, the boats amazingly fast, comfortable smooth ride with a skilled Captain that makes you feel so welcome, with such great knowledge of the sea and the creatures who habitat it! Check em out you won’t be disappointed, my boyfriend and I can wait to get back out!








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