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Felix waves hello!

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Great week of action aboard East Meets West Excursions, Newport Beach, CA. Our dolphin and whale watching tours have been enjoying an exciting mix of humpback whales, minke whales, and common dolphins. Felix, our local humpback for many weeks has been showing daily, and performing shows most trips. Lobtails, breaches, and kelping have all been on his behavior resume this week and hopefully more to come. Gray whale season is right around the corner and we very much look forward to their arrival each year.

Great Fall Mix!

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Aboard East Meets West Excursions, Newport Beach CA, humpback whales are showing daily on our dolphin and whale watching tours. Also in the mix have been minke whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and pacific white sided dolphins. A great fall mix!

Whales, dolphins, and sea lions, oh my!

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Three kinds of dolphins recently – common, bottlenose, and pacific white sided. Two kinds of whales – humpbacks and minkes. And plenty of sea lions. Join us on East Meets West Excursions for a dolphin and whale watching trip out of Newport Beach, CA, for the trip of a lifetime!

One Stop Shopping

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Alex was just commenting a few days prior that she wanted a shot with a whale and a dolphin together. Her wish was granted on this dolphin and whale watching trip aboard East Meets West Excursions out of Newport Beach when we found Scarlet, humpback whale pictured, with her crew of dolphins leading the way. Great picture Alex, thank you!

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