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Ushering December in with SPOUTS!

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Great sightseeing action on our Dolphin and Whale Watching tours aboard East Meets West Excursions, Newport Beach. Highlights – Lots of humpback whales, a few gray whales, common dolphin megapods, and pacific white sided dolphins. Even exotics including orcas (killer whales), and sperm whales were found by Harbor Breeze Cruises. Upcoming 108th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, December 14-18. We are excited to host charters each night at 6p and 8p. Still a couple availabilities Thursday and Friday if you would like to join us for one of the nation’s top ten holiday events. It’s a must see!

Rare Offshore Orcas! Killer whales off of Orange County!

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Rare encounter with 40-50 offshore killer whales Wednesday, November 30, off Newport Beach. Multiple pods of 3-8 with quite a few calfs swam through our waters off of Orange County.
Our dolphin and whale watching tours have enjoyed a diverse mixture of sightseeing possibilities and opportunities of late. Gray whales have begun their southbound migration to breed in the lagoons off of Baja California. Humpbacks whales continue to show offshore. And some of the best common dolphin pods of the season, even a mega pod of 1000-1500, along with a nice winter time mix of risso’s dolphins and pacific white sided dolphins.

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