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Seeing gray… GRAY WHALES!

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We have been focusing our efforts on the continued gray whale migration. We are seeing numerous gray whales each day and it only continues to heighten. Plenty of fun and acrobatic dolphins to spice up your sightseeing endeavors. Great time for whale watching aboard East Meets West Excursions, Newport Beach. Family fun, kid friendly, and mother approved!

Gray Whales dominate and ORCAS again!

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Our gray whale migration is really starting to pick up some momentum with numerous sightings on almost all of our Dolphin and Whale Watching tour! We even had a very rare sighting of Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whales one day. These ETPs are native to Mexico and Central America. Great time to join East Meets West Excursions on our whale watching trips. We are excited as more and more gray whales continue their migration each day along the Orange County coast.

Gray Whales usher in the New Year!

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It has been a great week on our Dolphin and Whale Watching tours aboard East Meets West Excursions, Newport Beach. A lot of variety and sightseeing opportunities continue to excite our clients. More and more gray whales continue to migrate to their breeding grounds in the warm lagoons of Baja. We are seeing an increase in gray whales each day. A couple shy fin whales around and a humpback whale or two lingering on the outside waters moving around quite a bit. Superpods of stampeding common dolphins seen, pacific white sided dolphins close to the beach, and coastal bottlenose dolphins encountered inside the harbor. Come join us for prime Gray Whale sightings over the next few months.

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