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September Heats Up!

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September is heating up with excellent conditions and some fantastic sightings of blue whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and both long and short beaked common dolphins with some megapods of over 500. Being a much faster boat with 3x the range of other boats has given us a huge advantage the last 2 weeks as most of the productive areas have been 6-12 miles from Newport Harbor. Conditions offshore show promising with well defined temperature breaks in optimal areas holding massive amounts of anchovies for the minke and humpback whales to stay around. Even seeing signs of krill for the blue whales and fin whales. Come on out dolphin and whale watching!

Labor Day Weekend Whale Love!

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Giant blue whales, curious minke whales, huge humpback whales, inshore and offshore bottlenose dolphins, thousands of common dolphins, a sea turtle, and even 2 different shark species – mako and hammerhead!

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