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November Humpback Whales!

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Found a new area with a lot of life and good signs to keep the humpback whales fat and happy. A few different locations have humpbacks feasting on anchovies. And our dolphin scene has seen quite a spectacular variety of long and short beaked common dolphins, inshore and offshore bottlenose dolphins, risso’s dolphins and even the first few pacific white sided dolphins we begin to see as the waters cool off.

Fall Humpback Whales!

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Excellent week Dolphin and Whale Watching aboard East Meets West Excursions. Very good sign of multiple humpback whales foraging on concentrations of anchovies. Even a few minke whales. Water temperatures and volume of food for these whales are perfect. Our common dolphins have been phenomenal along with the occasional pod of bottlenose dolphins and risso’s dolphins. Encounters with these mammmals have been exciting; come on out!

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